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If you love eating chocolates means you are happy person. Chocolates have that component that makes you feel good and always keep you happy and stress free. To feel more happy with different variation of choco dishes, head straight to The Choco Monarch.

I was invited to celebrate the first anniversary at The Choco Monarch. It is a dessert parlor which lavish and delightful dishes. So many variations of pancakes, crepes, brownies, cakes, milkshake, coffee etc. It was difficult to choose as everything looked yummy. They have White, Milk and Dark melted chocolate as a option to top it up as you prefer.

What We Tried There:
  • Choco Monarch Pancake
  • Choco Lava
  • Crepe Monarch
  • French Toast
  • Brownie Bowl
  • Mocha Frappe
  • Monster Milkshake
We started with Monster Milkshake which had Choco Sticks, Oreo cookie, sprinkles, whipped cream and chocolious blend.
Monster Milkshake
I also tried Mocha Frappe because I love the blend of chocolate mix with coffee. 
Mocha Frappe
Next we tried my #Favourite Choco Lava, fluffy cake stuffed with piping hot melted chocolate served with vanilla ice cream. I #HighlyRecommend you to try this out.
Choco Lava
I had to try out pancakes, we chose Choco Monarch Pancakes which is a stack of fluffy mini pancakes topped with fresh mix fruits, layered with three different kind of chocolates. The quantity is shareable between two people and it can get heavy, very reasonable for the price.
Choco Monarch Pancake
Similar to pancakes we tried Crepe Monarch, soft crepe which is stuffed with mix fruits and drizzled with chocolate on top.
Crepe Monarch
Moving on we also tried Brownie Bowl, nicely cut brownies in cubes which is warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. It was divine and very flavorful, #MustTry.
Brownie Bowl
Lastly I tried Pain Perdu which is also known as the French Toast. I never ever tried anything like this before. It is huge, crispy, hot and delicious. I #HighlyRecommend you to try this out and it is not overly sweet. It is perfect for everyone and will not disappoint you. 
Pain Perdu - French Toast
When ever you want to visit this place I will suggest you to go with more people because you will end up ordering more. You can literally overdose yourself with sweet.

Ratings: 9/10



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