Bombay Urban Cafe - Al Barsha

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From full of my heart I love Goan food and Recently I visited a restaurant which serves the Bombay and Goa food with a little of their own touch to them. It is Bombay Urban Cafe which is located in Al Barsha, opposite to Sharaf DG metro station. Bombay Urban have a beautiful interiors which will take you to Portuguese houses in Goa. The crystal chandeliers, wall design, antique window hanged as a wall art.
The ambiance is amazing and even the instrumental music kind off soothes the mind. Dim lighting helps in setting the great mood. They have spacious seating area and live counters which you can see while seating. Parking is not an issue because they provide the valet parking in Rose Park hotel.
One important tip which I would like to give here is before placing orders ask them the quantity because it is really huge. Most of the items are shareable between three people.

What We Tried There:
  • Creamy Chicken Soup
  • Solkadhi
  • Nachos with Chicken Tikka Kheema
  • Vada Pav 
  • Gol Gappe Twist
  • Lal Maas 
  • Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan
  • Tawa Fried King Fish with Curry
  • Palak Paneer Lasagne
  • Assorted Mixed Grill
  • Butter Naan
  • Shahi Falooda
  • Pantua
  • Bombay Blast
  • Mango Mousses
  • Pomegranate Lemon Mint
To quench the thirst we had Bombay Blast which their best selling and signature drink, it is finely crushed ice with mix of watermelon and I think pomegranate. It instantly refreshes and relax the mood.
Bombay Blast
Our second drink was Mango Mousses, I expected it like Mango Lassi but this is pure mango plum with cream and dry fruits. It is amazing and I #LoveIt.
Mango Mousses
Starting with appetizer we had Creamy Chicken Soup, the mixed herbs flavor is delicious and the aroma is divine. It was a good start. Also the Solkadi which we normally have it after the meal to increase the metabolism. It had perfect tangy and sour flavor which is more of drink then soup.
Creamy Chicken Soup & Solkadi
For starters we had to go for Gol Gappe Twist, it is huge plate with Puri's. The stuffing given by them was delicious and you can add tamarind chutney with spicy mint chili water according to your liking. They have great variety of starters and salad which is a #MustTry.
Gol Gappe Twist
Our second starter is a very famous street food among students or people who are in hurry in Bombay and they wanna eat something yummy and filling, it is a Vada Pav. It is a very basic dish but loved by so many people which is a #MustTry if you haven't tasted it yet. The fried potato dumpling served in traditional ladi pao with spicy chutney.
Vada Pav
When we went through the menu this item just stuck in our mind and we got to try it out, it is Nachos with Chicken Tikka Kheema. Isn't that sound interesting!? The crispy nachos is topped with delicious chicken tikka kheema served with three different sides. It is amazing and unique idea for a starter, perfect to have with friends. 
Nachos with Chicken Tikka Kheema
Next we started with the Main Course, I had to try out their kebab and grills so they got us their Assorted Mixed Grills. It had Chicken Tandoori, Kalimirch Kebab, Grilled Lamb Chops, Achari Fish Tikka, Grilled Prawns, Chicken Malai Tikka served with assorted condiments. They can make this platter according to number of people available like 2 or 4 or 8. It was fresh and flavorful, #MyFavorite was the Kalimirch Kebab.
Assorted Mixed Grill

Have you ever tried Veg Lasagne? I haven't, this is my first time. We had Palak Paneer Lasagne, my first impression by looking at it was WOW because it didn't look anything like what I imagined. Omg!I still have the taste in my mouth. I don't know how to put it deliciousness in words. I would just go there to have this. I #HighlyRecommend it to everyone even if you are non vegetarian.
Palak Paneer Lasagne
Being a Goan I couldn't pass by the Tawa Fried King Fish,  it was cooked to perfection and was juicy. It was served along with the tempered rice and fish curry which is perfect combo for the price and is very much shareable between two people. 
Tawa Fried King Fish with Fish Curry and Tempered Rice
In meat we got to try out their Laal Maas, it is a mutton dish made with rajasthani spices and served with arabic sides and khubz. This is little bit spicy and the meat is perfectly cooked with amazing aroma. This is what a meat lover can enjoy to the fullest.
Laal Maas with Arabic Sides
Lastly even though we were full the Manager Dinesh asked to have a bite of Butter Chicken because it was their specialty. We loved the creamy consistency and how juicy chicken was and fresh it was. They serve it along with Butter Naan.
Little of Butter Chicken
After finishing our juices we tried one more which is Pomegranate Lemon Mint. The spritz of juice was refreshing and different from what I had tried before. 
Pomegranate Lemon Mint
For dessert we had Shahi Falooda, it had flavors of saffron and rose with yummy rice noodles and khawa and dry fruits and nuts. It was very rich and heavy. The consistency is thick and looked very good. At the end of the meal it can be little difficult to finish it all so definitely do share it.
Shahi Falooda
We also tried traditional bengali sweet which is Pantua, it is a cottage cheese fried and dipped in sugar syrup which is very similar to Gulab Jamun but it is different. I #LovedIt the warm and fresh flavor was amazing.
Overall Bombay Urban has a perfect way of presenting food which is very pleasing to eyes and you just wanna dive into it. The most amazing part is the quantity of the food which they serve and maintain the quality of food every time. This is going to be my new spot to have yummy Bombay and Goa food with urban twist. It looks little expensive but you will not regret spending it, every penny is worth it. 

Ratings: 9.5/10



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Urban Cook House - Al Karama

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Finding a good restaurant which have good ambiance, good seating area, great decor, good food with good prices can be little difficult. Today I am reviewing one of the Al Karama restaurant which have most of the things tik mark, it is Urban Cook House.

Urban Cook House is a restaurant which is made out of love for food and to provide good hospitality to the people as said by the owner. The place is simple and elegant and nothing the over top, the good Indian music plays in the background and the lighting is perfect to set the mood. The location is very easy to find as it is just behind the Karama post office.

If you are member of zomato gold then it is good way to try out new restaurant as they have partnered with zomato and provide 1+1 food.

What We Tried There:
  • Pardha Kabab
  • Dynamite Shrimp
  • Galouti Kebab 
  • Butterfly Chicken
  • Murg Lahori
  • Dal Bukhra
  • Mutton Biryani
  • Assorted Bread Basket
  • Pudina Lassi Salted
  • Mango Lassi
  • Lemonade
  • Mawa Gulab Jamun
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with caramelized nuts
To beat the heat we started with the drinks, firstly we tried the Mango Lassi which was nice and second was Pudina Lassi Salted which not only helped to refresh but is also good for our appetite. 
Pudina Lassi Salted

Mango Lassi
For starters we got to try the Pardha Kabab which was succulent and was nicely blend with north Indian spices, I #HighlyRecommend you to try it out.
Pardha Kabab
Next we tried something from their Chinese menu which is fusion-ed with Indian Spices, it is Dynamite Shrimp. Huge shrimps nicely coated with sweet and sour sauce and proper crisp. It is one of the best Dynamite shrimp I have ever tried, #MustHave.
Dynamite Shrimp
Another specialty starter which we tried was Galouti Kabab which is perfect for people who don't like spicy or anything with too much spices. The chicken is nicely minced and made a patty and fried to perfection keeping the juicy flavors in it.
Galouti Kabab
Lastly we tried Butterfly Chicken which is one of the dishes in their new menu. Chicken is cut in cubes, coated nicely in batter and fried and a fried potato slice is put on stick along with it. I honestly didn't like it because I find it very basic and not worth the money. I wish at least the chicken size should be little bigger like strips. 
Butterfly Chicken
After our starters were over our drinks also got over and we tried their Lemonade which was very refreshing.

Coming up to the main course we started with Murg Lahori which was yum. It had perfect mixture of Indian spices and chicken was nice and juicy. It is not too spicy and not to sweet had a perfect taste. A good dish which suits everyone's palate, I #HighlyRecommend.
Murg Lahori
In vegetarian we tried their favorite Dal Bukhra which looks similar to dal makhni but it is different. The aroma is divine and the thick consistency compliments well with the roti or paratha, I #LoveIt.
Dal Bukhra
We were served with assorted bread basket which had Olive Jalapenos Naan, Paprika Naan, Butter Naan, Tandoor Roti and much more.  I loved the Olive and jalapeno naan more and it was new and never tried before. 
Assorted Bread Basket
Lastly in mains we had Mutton Biryani, the aroma of it was beautiful even though we were almost full we were hungry. The rice is perfectly cooked and meat is nice and soft but only problem was it salty which disappointed us. 
Mutton Biryani
For desserts we tried their House Made Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramelized Nuts, ice cream had nice flavor and caramelized nuts were good idea to make it interesting.
Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramelized Nuts
We also had Mawa Gulab Jamun, it was freshly made and was hot. Mawa is stuffed in between the Gulab Jamun which balances out the sweetness. I loved it and definitely give it a try.
Mawa Gulab Jamun
Overall it is one of the nice place in Karama which have proper hygiene. Few of the fusion dishes are worth the money because it is little cheaper then other restaurant. They also do home delivery if you want food at your door step. This place can be little bit expensive then compared to other Karama restaurant but the ambiance and quality of food is nice.

Ratings: 7.5/10



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Vega By Puranmal - Vegetarian Only, Jumeirah 1

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There are few days in my life where all I want to eat is junk food or street food or chaat. This time I wanted to have chaat so we decided to try out Vega By Puranmal, it is a pure vegetarian restaurant.
I have tried Puranmal sweets in past for which they are famous, they are the very good option if you want to give a sweets for any festival. 

Vega By Puranmal is located on Jumeirah 1 which is very easy to spot as it next to the road. They also have their own valet parking so you don't have to hassle searching to park and it is free. As soon as you enter, you will see different variety of sweets which you can pack and take it away. Well the seating area is small on the ground but huge on the top floor. The ambiance, lighting and seating arrangements is very comfortable.

What We Tried There:
  • Dahi Batata Puri
  • Garam Thandi Dahi Puri
  • Pani Puri
  • Sev Puri
  • Mango Lassi
  • Chocolate Monk
  • Kesar Kulfi
We started with very obvious Pani Puri. Each one of us ordered one plate of pani puri because we don't share it. The puri's were round and good in shape. The stuffing which they gave was of moong dal of which I am not a big fan, I like potato stuffing more. I didn't like it much nor I hate it. 

Pani Puri
Next we tried their Garam Thandi Dahi Puri, which is confusing. It is big puri like kachori stuffed with dahi and other good stuff.  We also had a Sev Puri which was Ok.
Garam Thandi Dahi Puri
Sev Puri

We also tried Dahi Batata Puri which was good and can never go wrong with it. But again it had moong dal which was upsetting me but I liked it.
Dahi Batata Puri
For drinks we tried Mango Lassi which was thick and yum. Second drink was Chocolate Monk which is a good option for chocoholic people.
Mango Lassi
Chocolate Monk
For dessert we had Kesar Kulfi, it was very much frozen that I couldn't feel the taste of kulfi. It was like eating ice in every bite.
Kesar Kulfi
Overall it wasn't that amazing as my expectations were high. What more disappointed me was the prices of the chaat. I wouldn't mind paying more until an unless it is unique in it's own way. It was same as the normal chaat station which is served in paper plate but at lower price. I wouldn't recommend this place for chaat but it is good for sweets to take away but do taste it before buying.

Ratings: 5.5/10



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The Cheesecake Factory - Mall Of Emirates, Dubai

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First time when I had visited we had been to Ski Dubai which is Mall of Emirates and next to it there is this huge restaurant called as The Cheesecake Factory. I had never heard about them before but my friend rave about it and we landed there. Since then I have been their regular visitor.

I love visiting The Cheesecake Factory in Mall of the Emirates because you can see people and kids playing in snow. It's beautiful to observe people and to see them happy. This place is huge and have dim lighting which sets the mood perfectly. There is always a queue so you will have to wait for something good. They have various seating areas and different types like chairs and sofas. My favorite seating area is one with high back sofas which covers up nicely like personal booth so that nobody can see you eating or clicking pictures.
Array of different Cheesecakes

What We Tried There:
  • Berry Spritzer
  • Oreo Milkshake
  • Citrus Splash
  • Barbeque Ranch Chicken Salad
  • Orange Chicken
  • Baja Chicken Tacos
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake
  • Fresh Strawberry Shortcake
We started with their Best Selling drink Berry Spritzer. As soon as I had the first sip it was like waking up suddenly from sleep. It was very buzzing and refreshing.
Berry Spritzer
Our second drink was Oreo Milkshake, It had very nice creamy consistency topped with whipped cream and Oreo crumbs, I loved the flavor of it.
Oreo Milkshake
Our main course started with Barbeque Ranch Chicken Salad, it had nicely cut cube of chicken, avocado, tomatoes, grilled corn, black beans everything tossed in barbeque ranch dressing, crispy onions for crunch. It is one of the best salads I have eaten by now. If you love having salads then I #HighlyRecommend you to try this out. 
Barbeque Ranch Chicken Salad
Second item we chose from their specialties, Baja Chicken Tacos. More then Burgers I love having Tacos. This Tacos had spicy chicken, cheese, avocado, chipotle and served with Rice and Black Beans. It had great flavors which was very lip smacking.  It wasn't heavy and rich in taste, #MustTry if you are Taco fan.
Baja Chicken Tacos
I tried one more of their specialties which I had seen on Instagram and looked very tempting. I showed picture to our server and he briefed me about it. It was like Orange Chicken, small pieces of chicken deep fried and sauteed in sweet and spicy sauce, served with rice and vegetables. I completely loved the combination of sweet spicy with rice. I #HighlyRecommend to try it out. The quantity is very much shareable and worth the price. 
Orange Chicken
By then we ordered one more drink Citrus Splash, It was very refreshing and similar to Berry Spritzer only with orange flavor.
Citrus Splash
It is not possible to leave without trying their Cheesecake. We had their Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake, it was so chocolaty and cheesy, I loved each bite. It was too heavy, you might need a partner to finish the whole thing. 
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake
Lastly we also tried their Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, this shortcakes are soft biscuits which are soaked in milk and sugar. Between two biscuits there was vanilla ice cream, there were total of three shortcakes served with cream and strawberries. I didn't like it and was kind of disappointed with it.
Fresh Strawberry Shortcake
Overall I had good experience, the ambiance and staff are very peaceful and humble. The prices are high but it's worth it for some of the dishes. Definitely try there spritzers and other juices and their main specialty the cheesecakes.

Ratings: 8.5/10



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