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Having a good dessert which have perfect amount of sweetness and different flavors is very rare. But I have found my go to place for desserts and that is Katrina Sweets & Confectionery

This place is in various branches but I mostly tend to visit Al Barsha outlet near Mall of Emirates. It have a good sitting area, wide and spacious. Other then desserts they also serve Hot beverages also different sandwiches.

What We Tried There:
  • Tiramisu Pastry
  • Hazelnut Swiss Roll Pastry
  • Chocolate Mousse Pastry
Visiting this place every time is like entering into choco-land. Even though I know what I want I always end up getting more.

We chose three different pastries, starting with their #MustHave Tiramisu Pastry. You can taste each flavor of the pastry. I loved the strong espresso flavor which gives intense taste and doesn't feel heavy like other desserts. 
Tiramisu Pastry
Next dessert is my childhood love Hazelnut Swiss Roll Pastry. Swiss rolls are very fluffy and creamy which again is not heavy. This was on spot decision to try this out and was definitely worth trying it. 
Hazelnut Swiss Roll Pastry
Lastly we chose Chocolate Mousse Pastry, this was completely love at first sight. I love the way how it was presented, flawless! It was my first time I saw it (I guess it get over faster, maybe bestseller, not sure!) It was divine and had amazing flavors definitely #MustTry.
Chocolate Mousse Pastry
Usually we have their Honey pastry which is one of their bestseller and you should try it out. They also take orders to make cakes for different occasions. I love the quantity which is perfect for one person but it can be expensive when you order bigger cakes. 

Ratings: 9/10



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