Al Safadi Restaurant - Delightful Lebanese Cuisine

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Going through Sheikh Zayed Road I have seen several restaurant but Al Safadi Restaurant always attracted me. It is my first time I tried Lebanese cuisine.  As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can see the cooks preparing meal and then there is a very spacious seating space and they have two level of seating space and to enjoy winter in Dubai they have huge seating space out door.

This place is bright and full of life. You can see all nationalities visiting this place and I didn't expect so much crowd where people have to wait in queue, loved the atmosphere.

After having a look at a menu it was completely different then what I had experienced in past and I was so confused. They have different types of hummus, Salad, Barbeques, Shawarma, Dessert and many more things. The staff was very friendly and helped us a lot.

What We Tried There:

  • Hummus
  • Hummus Beiruty
  • Tabouleh
  • Fatoush
  • Chicken Cream Soup
  • Mixed Grilled
  • Seafood Shrimps
  • Cheese Kunafah
  • Bannana & Chocolate
  • Cocktail Juice
  • Avocado Juice
  • Sliced Fruit Cocktail
Starting with the famous Hummus which I had to try along with it we also chose Hummus Beiruty. Hummus, the main item is same but little of parsley and spices are added in Hummus Beiruty.

Hummus Beiruty

Side by side they were also serving Arabic breads.

I have heard so much about this salads so it was a must try for me, we chose Fatoush and Tabouleh.
Fatoush salad is made from toasted or fried pieces of Arabic flat bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables.


Tabouleh salad is made from tomatoes and parsley and seasoned with lemon juice. Both Salads were completely different and unique from each other. This was definitely a good start for us as we were trying it out for first time.


As we needed more time to go through the menu we simply just ordered Chicken Cream Soup. When I first saw it, my first thought was " I can make better soup then this". But I was completely wrong and was happy to be wrong. The first spoon of soup as I tasted it just blown away, it was so creamy and amazingly tasty. Even though it didn't have any presentation it is definitely a #MustTry, I #HighlyRecommend to you because it have perfect toss of flavors.

Chicken Cream Soup

For main course we chose Mixed Grill, it had Grilled Meat, Shish Tawouk and Grilled Kafta.
Grilled Kafta was #MyFavorite, it is minced meat mixed with onion and parsley. I love the quantity.

Mixed Grill

Our second main was Seafood Shrimps which was totally bomb dish. I never thought other then Goan's any body else can make such delicious seafood. I #HighlyRecommend this to you.

Seafood Shrimp

For desserts we tried their Cheese Kunafah, I had heard lots about it so I wanted to know what is the hype all about. It is baked semolina pastry with cheese. It taste divine and was cheesy #LovedIt

Cheese Kunafah

And Bannana & Chocolate, it was a normal chocolate spread on a bread with pieces of bannana on it.

Bannana & Chocolate

For drinks we tried their Avocado Juice which was very basic but had a thick consistency,

Avocado Juice

Cocktail Juice is a mixture of different fruit juices

Cocktail Juice

and Sliced Fruit Cocktail had pieces of fruits and little juice of each in it and was #MyFavorite.

Sliced Fruit Cocktail

Ratings: 8.5/10



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