Kabuki Brushes

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Hi Guys!!!

"Makeup is not mask... Makeup is Art. Makeup is Passion. Makeup is Expression..."

To get the perfect look you need good makeup tools. There is huge variety of makeup brushes and makeup sponge from different sizes to different shapes. I'm the person who like to find good stuff at good price neither expensive ( which you will not use thinking it will get spoiled ) nor cheap ( which will get spoiled after using for few times ).
So today I'm reviewing one of my favorite brushes BS-MALL Kabuki Brushes.

It contains 10 makeup brushes, 5 for face and 5 for eyes. But there is no specific rule that one should use that particular brush for the same thing. It depends person to person, how it have to be used and how comfortable you are using it.
This brushes are very soft and fluffy. I love the way they feel on the face. This brushes comes in different colors, mine is Golden black.

Round Powder Brush: 
This brush is round in shape.For blending loose powder or any mineral products onto the skin. I use it for same, after applying the foundation I use it to set my face with compact powder to give a matte finish.

Flat Angled Brush:
It is angled and have a flat surface. I use it on my hollows of my cheekbones to contour. It gives amazing dimension after contouring.

Flat Foundation Brush:
This brush is flat on surface. It is meant to blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
I use this brush on all over my face to stipple the foundation on my face and then start blending it.

Angled Brush:
It is angled and little rounded on the tip of the brush. This brush is perfect for blush and bronzer.

Tapered Brush:
This brush is pointed in shape and it is designed it so that it can easily conceal under eyes and the nose areas which is hard to reach.

Small Tapered Brush:
This is same as tapered brush but in small size. It can be used to place the concealer on harder to each place like corner of eyes. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow on eyes.

Precision Round Brush:
It is round shape on top. It can be used to apply eyeshadow or to prime your eyes or to apply shadow base.

Small Angled Brush:
This is very much angled and sharp at the tip. I love to use this brush to apply eyeliner.

Small Flat Brush:
This is flat on surface. I love to use it to blend the eyeshadow in the crease of eyes.

Small Flat Angled Brush:
This is angled and round on top in shape. This is very fluffy to blend the eyeshadow.

Price & Availability:
Price: Rs.1299/-
Price varies from where you purchase, especially if you buy it online then sometimes there will be discount on this brushes. I bought this from Amazon and it was at Rs.1000/-. This brushes are available at Amazon and Flipkart.

It have very basic packaging. All the brushes are put in zip lock plastic packet. And inside of it each brush is wrapped in a clear plastic wrap. Inside of it there is a small manual too, which gives information about brushes.


  • Budget friendly.
  • Easily available online.
  • Brush doesn't shed away it's hair.
  • Good for beginners and travelers.
  • Should have more precision brushes.
I Would rate it 4.7/5.

Will I Re-purchase?
Yes I will do a repurchase once I feel this brushes are shedding it's hair. It very affordable and at this price I can repurchase it again and again.

Do I Recommend?
Yes I do recommend it everyone. Especially for the beginners who doesn't want to spend too much and can still get good results. Everyone should give this a try, it's worth buying.

Hope you guys Like it!!!

Nihan Shaikh