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Al Karama is a place in Dubai which have so many hidden food places which not only surprises you the food what they offer but the prices are super affordable. From past few days I want to have momos but didn't know where I would get. Passing by I spotted this restaurant, Real Momos; even though it was small and had no idea what I will get I decided to try it out.

The place is tucked inside of interior roads of Karama. The place is very tiny and have very few seating space. Their menu comprises of mix of Indian and Chinese dishes.

What We Tried There:
  • Chicken Momos Mix Tandoori Platter
  • Chicken Kothey Momos
  • Honey Chicken
  • Dilli Wali Chowmein
  • Punjabi Sweet Lassi
We started with Chicken Momo's Mix Tandoori Platter, it had three different Momo's which is Afghani Chicken Momo's, Haryali Chicken Momo's and Achari Tandoori Chicken Momo's. There are 10 pieces of momo's, if you want you can choose what type of momo's you want in platter. It was served served with schezwan sauce, mint chutney and chilies chutney.
I love the way they have given Indian touch to the momo's. I loved especially Achari Tandoori Momo with schezwan sauce just for the spice in it. Definitely give it a try, I #HighlyRecommend you to try it.
Chicken Momo's Mix Tandoori Platter
I separately ordered Chicken Kothey Momo's because it was very spicy as told by the staff. As you know I love spicy food, I had to get it separately and not in platter. They are really spicy because they tossed in schezwan sauce. It is #MustTry if you love spicy food, you can include this in platter also.
Chicken Kothey Momo's
Next we tried their Honey Chicken, it is very similar to crispy chicken. Chicken is soft inside and crispy only difference is honey. You get flavor of sweet and little spice. The quantity served is great and worth every penny. It is totally street style food in India, I'm #LovingIt.
Honey Chicken
Lastly you cant leave without having Dilli Wali Chowmein. It is Indian version of Chowmein Noodles with Indian mix of spice and sauce. It is best seller in India and fulfilling to college going student (I remembered my college days). You definitely #GottaTry this.
Dilli Wali Chowmein
For drinks our #Favorite Punjabi Sweet Lassi, it had good consistency and flavor.

My experience was lovely. From food to service everything was good. Everything is served piping hot and fresh. They also do home delivery and Take away's. Very affordable and friendly atmosphere.
I'm definitely going back to try some new Momo's and other dishes.

Rating: 8.5/10



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