Beauty Blender - Product Review

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Hi Guys!

" Treat your Makeup like jewelry for the face, play with colours, shape, structure - it can transform you. "
- Francois Nars

Today's review is on much raved product - Beauty Blender. Firstly I appreciate the person who invented this magical Beauty Blender Sponge, Rea Ann Silva the hollywood makeup artist.
This beauty blender is invented to give your face a flawless look.

Product Description :
Beauty Blender shape is elliptical or you can say an egg shape, it helps to make your face look flawless. This shape of the blender allows you to access hard to reach areas with ease. The pointed part of the blender easily reaches the corners of the eye.
It have a suede texture which is very soft therefore it doesn't feel harsh on your face. Its unique curves easily reaches the contours of the face. the Beauty Blender is latex and odour free.

How to Use: 
Wanna get the flawless look? Here you go...
i have seen many makeup artist they put foundation on the hand and then pick it up with blender, but I find that this absorbs the foundation more which is not good.
So what I do is, first I dot the foundation on my face with finger, Then I wet my blender and squeeze the water out. And then simply bounce the blender on the face, Make sure you bounce the blender on the face and not rub it on the face. Bouncing help to blend the foundation flawlessly. Use the pointed side of the blender near the curves of your nose, in the contour of the face and in the corner of your eyes. And the larger area of the blender use it on your cheeks, forehead and chin.
After the use of the beauty blender make sure you wash it not the deep cleaning. But just run it under the water and squeeze it for 4-5 times, this will remove the foundation immediately without drying it inside.

Price & Availability : 
Price: $20 , I got mine on
Even in the sephora it is available.


  • Lightweight
  • A must have tool
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Blends heavy foundation and gives the air brush look.
  • Perfect size, the pointed tip reaches in the corner and hard to reach area with ease.
  • Cleans easily.
  • Lot of product is absorbed.
  • Doesn't work with BB cream.

I would rate it 4.8/5.

Will I Re-Purchase?
Yes, I will definitely repurchase it.

Do I Recommend?
Yes, I highly recommend to everyone. This is very useful when you are in hurry and need to look flawless. Amazing.

Hope you guys like it!!! 

Nihan Shaikh