Arabian Tea House - Dinner with a View

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Winter is here finally!!! The temperature is dropping and long walks on beach has been started. Being from Goa, walking on beach is my favorite "MeTime". For weekend we went to Burj Al Arab beach and enjoyed walking on sea shore and loved watching modified cars.

Next thought was having a dinner with a view. We entered THE MALL which is new mall in town and as soon as we entered first thing I saw was the  nice set up outside the mall which had a beautiful view of Burj Al Arab, it was a Arabian Tea House Restaurant. 

Arabian Tea House had a beautiful interiors and Arabic style of seating arrangements with white and blue theme going on. The staff is very helpful and gave brief idea about the items and what we can expect.

What We Tried There:
  • Special Breakfast Tray
  • Chicken Barbeque
  • Traditional Karak Tea
Starting with Special Breakfast Tray, it seems stupid that at dinner time we are trying out breakfast tray. But that's how crazy I am. I just ordered because it looked very pretty in picture and more beautiful in reality. It had small portion of different items which includes Hummus, grilled cheese, foul, falafel, salad, olives and many more with Arabic bread. It had good quantity for two people. 
Special Breakfast Tray
Next was Chicken Barbeque served with french fries, salad and hummus, it was #MyFavorite. It wasn't oily or greasy and had right amount of tenderness. The flavors were just on point.

Chicken Barbeque
Lastly we ended our dinner with their Traditional Karak Tea. This is #MustTry tea even if you are not a tea person. Personally I'm a coffee person but I was really happy with the tea for the first time, definitely #HighlyRecommended
Traditional Karak Tea
Hot tea, amazing view and perfect weather, we just had a perfect date night.

Ratings: 7/10



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