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Jumeirah is one of my favorite place either to go on long drive or to sit on beach, you can just sit in your car watch the amazing cars driving and roaring. But other then this there are multiple restaurant which serves different type of cuisines be it Indian or Lebanese or American anything you will find it here. I have heard about this restaurant so much, it was time to visit VOLT KITCHEN

Volt Kitchen is a mixture of Japanese and American food. They have a classic matte black theme and they have kind off glass chamber where you can see everything whats going on in skies and outside (I was wishing for rains!). We sat and started browsing the menu, well the menu is in ipad with the picture of the food which makes it easy to choose (I was confused because everything look very yummy). The staff is very humble, especially Rezeil as she hosted us and was very quick with her service.

What We Tried There:
  • Dynamite Shrimp
  • Rib Eye Cubes
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Rainbow Fries
  • Wagyu Rib Eye Steak
  • VK Chicken
  • Chocolate Bomb
  • Lotus Milk Cake
  • Mix Berry Mojito
  • Mango Passion Juice
To quench our thirst we started with Mix Berry Mojito and Mango Passion Juice, this are also their best selling. Drinks were very refreshing and it had pure flavors of fruits. 
Mix Berry Mojito
Mango Passion Juice
Our first starters was the Rainbow Fries, it is crispy fries with four different cheeses and the special house made sauce mixed together. OMG! the quantity was huge and you need at least four people to finish this up. I totally loved it, definitely I #HighlyRecommend if you are fries lover (Just Like Me).
Rainbow Fries
Our second starter was Dynamite Shrimp, to be honest when I first saw the picture of shrimp they were small which made me think twice but still I wanted to try it out.
When it arrived I was surprised with the size of shrimp, they were BIG. Second best thing was they were completely cleaned (even the tail was detached as some restaurants keep the tail intact). They were crunchy, juicy and was served with their signature dynamite sauce which complimented well. This dish is a real steal and #MustTry.
Dynamite Shrimp
Next starter was the Spicy Chicken, it had a base of crispy noodles on which was the spicy chicken was stacked. As the name says it wasn't that spicy, it was mix of hot and sweet flavors which was great. The chicken was nicely coated with sauce, crispy and was tender. It is #GoodStarter for all the chicken lovers.
Spicy Chicken
Our Last starter was the Rib Eye Cubes, it is very basic dish which was presented in completely in a new way. The beaf is grilled keeping in mind it is well done and juicy and cut in a exact cube shapes, I love it.
Rib Eye Cubes
For the Main Course, we started with Wagyu Rib Eye Steak. The portion of meat is big and was served with mushroom sauce and roasted cracked potatoes. You can decide how well you want your meat to be. It was one of the best steak I have ever had with amazing flavors, I #HiglyRecommend it if you are a meat lover.
Wagyu Rib Eye Steak
Second main course dish was VK Chicken, two portions of chicken is nicely baked with cheese and other spices, served with mushroom, asparagus, mashed potato and mushroom sauce. If you want something very much high in proteins and carbs then this is for you. It is #MustTry, chicken is tender, juicy and cheesy. It was baked to the perfection and had lip smacking flavors.

VK Chicken
No meal is complete without a dessert and Volt kitchen have great variety of pancakes, milk cakes etc. We started with Chocolate Bomb, inside chocolate sphere is the vanilla ice-cream and kept on the chocolate fudge. Hot Chocolate is poured on the sphere and it was amazing treat to watch the chocolate melt down. The chocolate fudge literally melts in the mouth and the combination of hot chocolate with cold ice cream is delicious, a #MustTry.
Chocolate Bomb
Our Last dessert was Lotus Milk Cake, it was very simple and elegant dish which will satisfy your sweet taste buds. It was soft and melts down in mouth easily, love it.
Lotus Milk Cake
Overall I had a great experience and enjoyed the environment, hospitality from the staff and most important FOOD!

Would I Recommend you this Place? YESSS! They also serve great sliders, salads and sushi for which even I am going to be back here again. Food is fresh and prepared according to your taste and liking. If you want to try something new of this new year then you must check out this place. 

Ratings: 9/10



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