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Biryani is one of the common dish in India and is mostly prepared on weddings or any occasions or during festivals. In my family we make biryani every alternate Friday's be it chicken, mutton, prawns or any fish, We love biryani. This weekend I wanted to try biryani from out just for the different taste (anyways I am bound to love my homemade biryani more). Having long drives on Jumeirah is road is my favorite and I have passed by this restaurant thousand times and it just attracted me because of it's name and we landed in Biryani Pot.

Biryani Pot is a small restaurant tucked in small space but can be easily located. The interiors is full of spices (Yes! They have a wall where they have stored all Indian spices but don't use it, replace it after every three months). They have very few tables indoor as well as outdoor. They are more famous for home delivery's and Take away's as we saw while waiting for food. The food is served in take away containers only, service is fast and food is served hot and fresh.

What We Tried There:
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Masala Chaat
  • Prawn Masala
  • Cheese Kulcha
  • Rasmalai
We started with Prawn Masala with Cheese Kulcha. As soon as it arrived the aroma the increased my hunger (I just wanted to dig in but had to click pictures). Prawns masala was made with authentic Indian spices and herbs with tomato and onion. It had great size of prawns and was very juicy, marinated nicely. Cheese Kulcha had generous amount of cheese, it was the perfect combination with prawns masala. 
Prawn Masala
Cheese Kulcha

In between while having food I saw Chicken Masala Chaat which intrigued me to order it with Chicken Biryani.
Chicken Masala Chaat was very appealing and would be great to have it as snack. It had small pieces of potatoes cubes spiced nicely, shredded chicken marinated on point with butter chicken gravy on top. It was my first time trying out something like this, #HighlyRecommend. The individual flavors of it was delicious.
Chicken Masala Chaat
Chicken Biryani was served in a clay pot which is a very ancient way. The chicken was boneless, soft and flavorful. The long rice with masala in which it is dum cooked. It was delightful and very tasty (I can still feel the taste of biryani in mouth) #MustTry the Chicken Biryani. If you are health freak then there is option of Quinoa Chicken Biryani. 
Chicken Biryani
After having a great meal we ordered Rasmalai. It is cottage cheese dipped in a sweet saffron flavored milk. It was fluffy and soft. I wish they could add one more piece of it for the price. 
My weekend ended on the very tasty note, they have good pricing and quantity. I'm going to try their home delivery soon and try out something with Quinoa. 

Ratings: 8/10



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