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I work in Business Bay, suddenly there are new restaurants that have started near the canal side which gives the beautiful view of Dubai Skyline. From my work place I can see so many restaurants and I want to visit each and every restaurant (every food bloggers thinking).

This time I finally got a chance to visit Nurai, all thanks to the operation Manager of Nurai Mr.Charbel who invited me to try out their food. The view was beautiful and it was more beautiful because it started drizzling and weather was cold and soothing. They have huge seating inside as well as outside. Inside seating is divided into smoking and non-smoking area, they have one level up also for a group seating. We decided to seat outside in tent (I would have been foolish if I sat inside because it's rare to have such amazing weather).

I was totally spoiled by Nurai, their staff (especially Mary) was very warm and had smiles which makes you comfortable. They have good knowledge of their dishes which  helps to choose. Once we finished ordering, we just sat and admired the view and beauty.

What We Tried There:
  • Hummus
  • Mixed Grill
  • Nurai House Combo
  • Provencial Chicken Wings
  • Dragon Salad
  • Mexican Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Nurai Steak
  • Lebenese Knefe
  • Chocolate Fondant
  • Nurai Iced Brownies
  • Nurai Special Shake
  • Iced Fruitica
  • Morrocan Tea
We started with their famous appetizer Nurai House Combo. I understood why it was so famous, Must Have after seeing it and trying out everything. It had so many delicious appetizers in one plate. 

Nurai House Combo
Starting with my favourite Chicken Tenders, chicken is nicely seasoned and breaded. It was crunchy outside and soft inside. It was served with honey mustard sauce which complimented well. If you want to choose anyone appetizer then choose this.

If you love seafood, they got you. They have included Shrimpo, which is breaded shrimp same as chicken tenders. I love the soft juicy shrimp and crispy crunchiness of it. This is a Must Try appetizer for seafood lover. 

They also have something more in seafood, it is Calamari Rings. It looks like onion rings but because of calamari it is different. It is crunchy and properly seasoned, complimented well with the tartar sauce.

To all my vegetarian friends, they also have included vegetarian appetizer in a combo. My favorite was Stromboli garlic bread. The garlic bread is topped with lots of cheese and pepperoni. I love the flavors and cheesiness of bread.

Second best in vegetarian was the Mini Spring Rolls. It was nicely stuffed and blast of different flavors in mouth.

Next was Camembert Bites which you can call as cheese bites because it is full of cheese and served with cocktail sauce.

Lastly the Twister Fries, it looked liked calamari but it is not. It is crunchy and delicious.

 It is must to order Hummus when you visit any Lebanese restaurant otherwise your meal will be incomplete. It was had great creamy consistency and I love it to combine it with our appetizer. They served complimentary bread along with it which I liked.
Next appetizer we called Provencial Chicken Wings, it was completely different then what I have tried before. It was nicely seasoned and had sweet sour flavor. I loved it as it was something different.
Provencial Chicken Wings
It is a must have to order good salad to balance the diet, we chose Dragon Salad. It had avocado, chicken, corn, lots of lettuce and many more things (which I don't remember now) with lemon mayo dressing. It was very refreshing with all the heavy food which we were having. They served the huge quantity which is totally worth the price.
Dragon Salad
I had been wanting to have pizza for so long, we decided to combine two different pizza's in one. First one is the Mexican Pizza, it was topped nicely with chicken, cheese, mushrooms. Second one was Pepperoni Pizza, it had big sizes of pepperoni slices, cheese. It was neither thin crust nor fluffy crust, it had exact size which I loved about it. I loved the portion size and Must have. Rather then having one pizza try to mix it up for more variety. It is too good which you can't miss at all.
Mexican Pizza & Pepperoni Pizza
We had to try their Mixed Grill, it had one skewer of beef and chicken and two skewers of Kafta, served along with coleslaw, hummus, grilled vegetables and pita bread. The tender meat and flavors were outstanding. But for the price I expected to have little more in quantity.
Mixed Grill
One of my favorite dish in the meal was Nurai Steak, it had two portions of chicken breast and one portion of prime beef which is topped with mushroom sauce and served with lots of salad and mashed potato. This is one of their bomb dishes which you will not regret. I highly recommend you guys to try their steak it's totally worth it.
Nurai Steak
For drinks we had their Nurai Special shake, which is a blend of Oreo biscuit and chocolate. It had great consistency and taste and topped with lots of cream. I enjoyed this drink very much.
Nurai Special Shake
Our second drink was Iced Fruitica which is combination of strawberry and bananas. Both the drinks were served in huge glasses which will last you till the last bite of your meal. It also had great flavors which complimented well to our taste.
Iced Fruitica

For dessert we tried our all time favorite Lebenese Knefe, which you must have. I liked that it wasn't too sweet. it was served with two Arabic bread. It was very cheesy and heavy. If you might have not had knefe yet try it out here with great view.
Lebenese Knefe
Chocolate Fondant was our second dessert, I liked that it had lots of cocoa in it which gave a sour flavor and not too sweet. It was hot which complimented well with ice cream. I am huge fan of dark chocolate because of which I didn't mind the bitter flavor in fact I loved it.
Chocolate Fondant
Lastly we had their Nurai Iced Brownie, small pieces of iced brownies are stacked on one top of each other with ice cream in center. This was something new and totally unique. It was good as well but didn't suit my palette. Rather my hubby liked it more then chocolate fondant.
Nurai Iced Brownie
We decided to have Moroccan Tea because of the great weather. It was soothing and refreshing after having such great meal.
Moroccan Tea
Overall, I had a expirence to spend my day in Nurai with great view. perfect place for spending quality time with your loved once and far from city noise. Great food and Great price for the quantity. Staff is always there to help you out with their happy faces. I am definitely gonna visit more often.

Ratings: 9/10



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