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One cannot go wrong with Desi food. In India you will find variety of food and each state will have it's specialty, Isn't that interesting? My favorite place to have good desi tadka food are dhabas, they have real home made spices and authentic desi flavors. You can find this Dhaba's mostly on long route highway in India. 

In Dubai which is fastest growing city there is one place I highly recommend you to visit is Dhaba Lane. Dhaba Lane serves authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisines in dhaba style with modern touch. They have a cozy vibes and taken care of every detail, brick wall, chai kettle to mini charpai this small things will amaze you. It is situated just opposite spinneys, behind Park Regis hotel in Al Karama. 

The Head Chef, Mr. Jitendra, gave us the brief about the idea of the restaurant and what theme they have chosen. The Chef have already curated the menu for us which was a good thing as we didn't had to bother about anything. With each dish came to our table Chef made a point to explain the dish and the story behind it. The service is very prompt and staff gives everyone attention to all their needs and requirements. 

What We Tried There:

  • Aam Panna
  • Rangeela
  • Purani Dilli Ki Papri Chaat
  • Gali Pani Puri Shot
  • Dahi Ke Kabab
  • Shabnam ke Moti
  • Pudina Seekh
  • Tandoori Prawns
  • Anglo Indian Bahar
  • Dal Makhan Maar Ke
  • Mast Wala Keema Aur Chaap
  • Butter Naan
  • Mint Parantha
  • Mirch Pyaz ka Prantha
  • Tilla Wali Kulfi
  • Chenna Cheese Cake
We started with the Black Lemon Shikanji as a complimentary drink which literally boosted our taste buds, with that complimentary drink we could realize how great our evening would be.
Black Lemon Shikanji
If you are chaat lover, I #HighlyRecommend you to try their chaat section because they have twist in every dish. We started with their Purani Dilli Ki Papri Chaat, I never liked Papri chaat because it is flat and hard. But Dhaba Lane definitely changed my opinion, it was served to us in a Umbrella shape fancy vessel, secondly it had three different flavors spicy with chili, sweet which tamarind chutney and neutral with dahi. The whole chaat is in Yogurt but as whole it was amazing.
Purani Dilli Ki Papri Chaat
We served with Aam Panna which is made with raw mango, the sweet and sour flavor was just satisfying my taste buds. Other Drink was Rangeela, it is desi version sangria without alcohol, it was very refreshing with punch of flavors.
Aam Panna
Next we were served with Non Veg Bites which is the starter and the Star of the Day, Pudina Seekh. This was served in Iron which was used in olden times for ironing using coal. It looked all magical with the fumes. This was #MyFavorite, the mixture of spices and how well it was cooked, simply delicious.
Pudina Seekh
We also had their Veg Bites, Shabnam ke Moti. This are mushrooms stuffed with cheese and roasted in tandoor. This was something unique in flavors and creative. You #MustTry to get whole of different taste.
Shabnam Ke Moti
We also tried something in seafood, Tandoori Prawns. The big prawns were nicely seasoned and marinated. The juiciness and the tandoor flavor was delightful.
Tandoori Prawns
Next we tried Dahi Ke Kabab, it's difficult to think how can one make Kabab with Dahi!? But Dhaba lane have answer for it. Kabab was crispy from outside and soft from inside which literally melts down in mouth. It was served with spicy sauce which complimented well, this was another #Favorite of mine.
Dahi Ke Kabab
It is something I wanted to try as I saw the menu but I didn't know before that it was included in tasting, it is Gali Pani Puri Shot. I am sure Pani Puri is favorite of everybody in India and Pakistan. They had three different flavors mint, tamarind and pineapple. Omg! You can't leave without trying this sots and my words can't explain how good it was, #MustHave.
Gali Pani Puri

Now coming to Main Course, they have lot of options in veg and non-veg and definitely they have something unique in it. We started with Mast Wala Keema Aur Chaap, it is minced lamb in indian spices and herb served with kafir lime pav. I loved the medium spice as a flavor which neutralizes well with pav.  I #HighlyRecommend you to try this dish one of the best minced lamb I tried.
Mast Wala Keema  Aur Chaap
Next was Anglo Indian Bahar which is kind of veg jalfrezi but the twist here is palak ka saag. the sweet and spicy flavor was just lip smacking and couldn't stop saying wow at each bite, #MustTry.
Anglo Indian Bahar
Lastly in main course we had their very famous Dal Makhan Maar Ke. This Dal is cooked for 36 hours, shocked or Surprised? It was exactly the dhaba style and how I would prefer or any vegetarian would like to have. The buttery and thick consistency was just delicious.
Dal Makhan Maar Ke
We had it with Butter Naan, Mint Parantha and Mirch Pyaz ka Prantha which was #MyFavorite.

For my favorite part of the dinner, DESSERTS! We started with Tilla Wali Kulfi, it is a Indian style of ice cream on a stick. I loved the thickness and all the mixture of dry fruits and the flavor.
Tilla Wali Kulfi
Last dessert which is something unique and creative done by Chef. Amandeep is Chenna Cheese Cake. This dessert is mixture of rasgulla, cheesecake and rabdi, three things in one. It doesn't feel heavy and not over the top sweet, just perfect and #MustHave.
Chenna Cheese Cake
Overall it is a perfect place to have great meal in unique style. The quantity and quality for the price is well worth. One of the places which I would love to visit again and again.

Ratings: 9.5/10



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