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Desi's is the new restaurant which have opened it's door for the desi food lovers. Desi word describe the food and people from India and Pakistan as they share many similarities. They serve BBQ, Kebab and Paratha in Indian and Pakistani style.

We were here for the soft launch party of Desi's, thanks to Hyperlinks Media for inviting me. The interiors are very desi style of cottage restaurant and hill side restaurant. With antique pieces and art work all around the place and good colorful lights which gives good pop of color. The menu is very compact but still difficult to choose and very affordable.  

What We Tried There:
  • Masala Fries
  • Chicken Cheese Paratha
  • Keema Cheese Paratha
  • Desi Bun Kabab With Egg
  • Seekh Kabab Chicken Plate
  • Chicken Malai Boti Plate
  • Chicken Afghani Boti Roll
  • Nutella Paratha
  • Lemon Mint Mojito
  • Blue Lagoon Mojito
  • Gur Wali Shikanji
  • Thanda Masala Soda

We started with the Masala Fries with Dynamite sauce. They were spicy and was a good start of the evening. It was served in desi style plate felt homely.
Masala Fries
Paratha's are famous delicacy of Indian and Pakistani food. There are variety of it and different flavors. In Desi's we first tried Chicken Cheese Paratha, I loved the stuffing of chicken and cheese.
Chicken Cheese Paratha
More then chicken I love Meat therefore I chose Keema Cheese Paratha. The meat were nicely minced and cooked to perfection and stuffing was very fulfilling.
Keema Cheese Paratha
They have good options in slider burgers which includes trio also at very affordable price. But I opted for very Desi option, Desi Bun Kabab with Egg. Nice patty is made of meat stuffed in bun. It was very homely and felt warm with all the desi flavors.
Desi Bun Kabab with Egg
We were served with very refreshing drinks Lemon Mint Mojito and Blue Lagoon Mojito.
Lemon Mint Mojito

Blue Lagoon Mojito
Next was my #Favorite the Seekh Kabab Chicken Plate, it had six pieces of seekh, tamarind chutney and paratha. Seekh Kabab were spicy, just the way I like it but having it with tamarind chutney neutralize it. 
Seekh Kabab Chicken Plate
We also tried their Chicken Malai Boti Plate, it was served with tamarind chutney, yogurt and paratha. Chicken Malai Boti is good for those who doesn't like spicy food but yet can tantalize the taste buds. I definitely #Recommend this to try it out.
Chicken Malai Boti
Then we tried the Nutella Paratha, it was very basic and didn't have anything that can wow me. 
Nutella Paratha
Lastly we tried their Chicken Afghani Boti Roll, the roll almost had flavors of shawerma but little spicy. It was served with tamarind chutney and yogurt. 
Chicken Afghani Boti Roll
We were lastly served with two unique drinks Gur Wali Shikanji which had sweet and sour flavor. Thanda Masala Soda which had kala khata flavour with soda.
Gur Wali Shikanji & Thanda Masala Soda

Overall the place have comfort feel and food is totally desi. Good place to have kebab and variety of desi paratha's. 

Ratings: 7/10



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