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I'm a very foodie person, trying out new cuisines and visiting new restaurants are like therapy for me. Each cuisine have something different and something unique which makes it difficult for me to choose When someone ask me which is my favorite cuisine or favorite dish?!

Italy is a place of romance, it have so much of history and have also offered delightful food to the world. I was invited by one of the newly opened restaurant Ravioli & Co. As you know now they are offer different type of Ravioli and other Italian delicacies. The restaurant have all wooden furniture which gives it rustic feel, Italian crockery plates are hung on wall's, wall's also have distressed color tones all this minute details makes you feel as if you are sitting in Old Authentic Italian restaurants. Even the lighting is perfect which had set the perfect mood for our dinner.

They have indoor as well as little of outdoor seating space. The service is very promising, food is freshly made every day and served piping hot. The staff is really good, helps you to choose the dishes. The parking is not at all an issue as the restaurant have it's own Valet parking.

What We Tried There:
  • Jasmine Ale
  • Lavender Granita
  • Grande Basil Mojito
  • Arancino
  • Funghi Gratinati
  • Raviolo Rustico
  • Ravioli Di Melanzane Mozzarella 
  • Tortelloni Verdi Ricotta Spinaci
  • Filetto Con Porcini
  • Patatine
  • Lasagna
  • Tiramisu Con Nutella
  • Profitterol
  • Cavolatt
By the time we waited for our order we were given a Bread Basket, they were freshly made and was so soft.

We started with their mock-tails they have only three, we chose Jasmine Ale and Lavender Granita. Both of them are very refreshing and soothing. 
Jasmine Ale

Lavender Granita
We were served Mozarella Bites rolled in bread crumbs with homemade cocktail sauce, they were very nice and just soft. Had very nice sweet and sour flavors.
Mozarella Bites
We started our dinner with Funghi Gratinati, it is a stuffed baked mushrooms in shallots cream sauce. There is nothing I complain about this dish. It was PERFECT, the flavors, the spices, the stuffing everything. This dish is perfect for all the vegetarians definitely a #MustHave.
Funghi Gratinati
Next again was from their starter, Arancino. It is a traditional deep fried rice ball stuffed with meat and mozzarella served with arrabbiata sauce. It was crunchy from outside and soft in the center which blended well with the sauce. The sweet and sour flavor I kind of liked it.

In Italy Lasagna is one of the famous dish, it's one their specialty. I didn't want to loose the chance of having good plate of lasagna in Italian restaurant. It was just what I was expecting, fresh and lip smacking. All the pasta and meat lovers you #MustTry this.
Next is what we had been waiting to have, Ravioli. We tried their Raviolo Rustico, which is stuffed with chicken and mushroom and served in their signature mushroom truffle sauce. Mushroom truffle sauce is personally my favorite. I loved the freshness and the spice mix in this dish, one of the dishes I #HighlyRecommend to try it out.
Raviolo Rustico
We tried one of their most suggested, Ravioli Di Melanzane Mozzarella. I didn't want to try it out because it had eggplant in it. But surprisingly it didn't feel that weird as I imagined. It had quiet unique and tasty flavors.
Ravioli Di Melanzane Mozzarella
And the last ravioli we tried for the day was Tortelloni Verdi Ricotta Spinaci, which stuffed with most purest form of cheese Ricotta and spinach. It looked very beautiful and well presented. The is very different as the cheese melts on the tongue and spinach is not at all make it bitter.
Tortelloni Verdi Ricotta Spinaci
I know Italian's love meat and I wanted to try authentic and basic dish which you can get in any authentic Italian Restaurant. I tried Filetto Con Porcini, it is beef fillets cooked medium and served in mushroom sauce. Meat lovers is is #MustHave, it is expensive but if it satisfy your taste buds then it's worth it.
Filetto Con Porcini
Fillet was served along with Patatine, which is baked potato with fresh Mediterranean herbs. It complimented well with the fillet and the mushroom sauce.
I emptied my drink and they offered their last mocktail, Grande Basil Mojito. It was refreshing and had very elegant taste.
Grande Basil Mojito
Lastly we tried their desserts, our first dessert was Tiramisu Con Nutella. I am huge fan of Tiramisu just because it have my favorite ingredient in it, COFFEE. It had perfect balance of sweetness and coffee. The cream and cake just melts in the mouth, #MustHave.
Tiramisu Con Nutella
Next we tried their Profitterol, I have been wanting to try this out from very long time. It have a chantily cream coated with chocolate. This dessert is perfect for them who like to have medium sweetness which is not overpowering.
Our last dessert was Cavolatt, firstly you will find this only here. Secondly it have so many good things Meringue crumbs, Mascarpone cream, Hot chocolate with fresh strawberry. Everything blends well together and it is very delightful. I totally loved it, perfect sweetness and good quantity #MutTry.
Overall I had perfect Romantic Date Night, there was not a single OUCH factor. The food served here was really good, the quantity and quality is not compromised. It is expensive but it's totally worth it.

Ratings: 9/10



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