Kabab Bazar - Pakistani Kabab in Sharjah

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Ramadan Kareem to all of my lovely reader!

It's time to celebrate and spread love and happiness. This time I was at Kabab Bazar in Sharjah which is a true hidden gem, all thanks to HyperLinks Media for inviting me to try out great delicious delicacies of Pakistan.

Kabab Bazar is a great place if you are kabab lover or someone who love grills or BBQ. They have HUGE variety of kabab. I went little crazy by looking at the variety they got to offer. They are very affordable and serves good quantity and quality. The Staff is very friendly and provides good suggestions as per your taste and what you like.
What We Tried There:
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Hot n Sour Soup
  • Chicken Pineapple Salad
  • Chicken Makhni Handi
  • Beef Kabab Masala
  • Afghani Chicken Kabab
  • Namkeen Chops
  • Chicken Cheese Kabab
  • Charcoal Prawns
  • Garlic Naan
  • Cheese Naan
  • Chicken Naan
  • Special Milk Shake
  • Mint Margarita Juice
  • Falooda
We started with Mushroom Soup, it was blend and was very disappointing. Where as on the other side Hot n Sour Soup had tantalizing flavors which was irresistible.
Hot n Sour Soup
For drinks we had Mint Margarita Juice which is a Lemon and mint mixture in chilled sprite which was very refreshing in hot weather. Second drink was their specialty which is Special Milk Shake, mixture of dry fruits and fruits with milk giving it very delightful taste.

We then tried their Chicken Pineapple Salad which was suggested by the staff which was good advice. It had small pieces of chicken, pineapple and apple with mayo and cream dressing. It was a good start and I #HighlyRecommend it to you.
Chicken Pineapple Salad
Starting with mains we ordered Chicken Makhni Handi which was nicely done in their traditional Pakistani spices and had very different flavor then Indian Chicken Makhni. I loved the little spice in the makhni.
Chicken Makhni Handi
Next main dish was #MyFavorite Beef Kabab Masala, it was spicy and beef kabab was very succulent. Kabab especially was nicely done and had unique flavor to it. For me it was the dish of the day.
Beef Kabab Masala
We had Garlic Naan, Cheese Naan and Chicken Naan to compliment the mains. The Naan's are very heavy so be careful with the quantity you order.
Garlic Naan
Chicken Naan
Cheese Naan
We then started with Afghani Chicken Kabab, which is almost like seekh kaba but bit of a extra spice. I guess Pakistani people love spicy food which I love.
Afghani Chicken Kabab
Second #Favorite of the meal was the Chicken Cheese Kabab, the cheese just melts down in every bite. I love the flavors of the kabab which was quiet unique and could just want you to eat more and more.

As soon as I saw Charcoal Prawns I had to try it out. Prawns were juicy and tender. And was complete different taste then what I tried in that evening. It was delightful and #MustHave.

Last Kabab which we tried was the Namkeen Chops which is the Mutton Chops, it was medium rare done and was juicy. I liked the sour and spicy flavor of it.

Lastly in dessert we had Falooda, it was nice and thick with lots of vermicelli in it.  But it didn't have anything wow. 

Overall i loved the food here especially the Kababs. Definitely I'm going to visit this place again and try out new kababs. 

Ratings: 8/10



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