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When I was new in Dubai, I have visited Dubai Media City so many times for work. After some time I hated that place, but I got excited this time to visit Media city because of tasting session.

The Media Lounge is in the concard tower which is in the middle of knowledge village where all the colleges are and other side are the companies. It is a good place to attract lot of students and work employees. They serve mix of Italian and Lebanese cuisine. This place provides Shisha because of which it is divided into smoking and non smoking area.

They have free parking available for two hours which you will have to get stamp before leaving the restaurant. There is also a Tram available which drops exactly behind the tower. Everything seems good until food arrived.

What We Tried There:
  • Cream Of Chicken
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Harvest Salad
  • Alferdo Overdose Pasta
  • Mustard Chicken 
  • Mixed Grill
  • Hangover Helper
  • Energy Kick
  • Crepe 
  • Brownie Bite with Ice Cream
Starting with Cream of Chicken, it has been my current favorite. I had very high expectation from this but it wasn't creamy in consistency also it was salty which was more disappointing.  
Cream Of Chicken
For starters we tried Chicken Fingers which was fried and served with honey mustard sauce. The bread crumbs just fell apart because of which it lack crispiness and was blend.
Chicken Fingers
Next we wanted some salad, we ordered Harvest Salad. Ingredients in salad needs to be medium or small size which is nicely mixed with the dressing to get proper flavor. In this salad everything was very large which made it difficult to get a mouthful of flavor. The dressing which was used turned acidic which was the main reason to hate it more.
Harvest Salad
I ordered my trusted Alferdo Overdose Pasta which was good compared to other things which we tried overall. It had wasn't great but also not bad. Pasta needed to be cooked little bit more and more cheesy. This was the only dish which I liked overall.
Alferdo Overdose Pasta
For mains we tried Mixed grill which was suggested by staff, the quantity was good but not the quality. The lamb chops were burnt, mutton seekh and kofta were raw and also blend. Shish Tawook was cooked properly but were blend.
Mixed Grill
We tried another main dish which is Mustard Chicken, it was served with pesto pasta. Two grilled chicken breast which was not grilled properly and the sauce also didn't help in making it better. In menu it was mention gravy is tangy but it didn't have any taste.
Mustard Chicken
For drinks we tried Hangover Helper, it had watermelon, kiwi, strawberries and pineapple. This was good and refreshing. Other drink was Energy Kick, it had yogurt, blueberries and banana. This was nice too.
Hangover Helper

Energy Kick
For our first dessert we tried Crepe, it is filled with nutella inside a crepe and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It was good but after 2 bites the sweetness level is extreme and it was to basic. I wish they also included few pieces of berries and bananas to balance out everything.
Our second dessert was Brownie Bites with Ice Cream, I thought brownies to be hot or at least warm to compliment the Ice cream but it wasn't.
Brownie Bites with Ice Cream
Overall it was the bad experience till now. Whatever we tried was either blend or not cooked properly. There wasn't a quality in the food which was served.

Ratings: 3/10



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