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Weekday's are very hectic and to plan something interesting can be really difficult. Most of the time I don't plan because it get ruined if I plan anything, it need to be spontaneous. After having a ordinary boring day I check my mails and I see one more invite which is from the new dessert parlor at Al Barsha known as YMI.

Ymi is a newly opened dessert parlor which serves Juices and Crepes. They have very limited options to choose from Crepes. As people arrived in parlor most of them were confused because they didn't know what to order and secondly they didn't know what crepe is!? Crepe is a very thin pastry which is made up of wheat flour and then stuffed with anything and folded in triangular shape. It took me little while because I didn't know how it would taste, Rose who served us helped us decide to pick the dishes for us. It have good location and instantly pops because of the colors and there is no issue with parking.

What We Tried There:
  • Fruit Salad with Ice Cream
  • Cheese & Turkey
  • Cheese & Mushroom, Garlic
  • Go Bananas
  • Superstar Coffee
  • Broken Heart
  • Ymi Ice Cream
We started with Crepes. Our first savory crepe was Cheese & Turkey, we also added olives and mushrooms in it.  Second savory crepe was Cheese & Mushroom, Garlic in we added olives. I must say one crepe is enough for one person. It didn't have any spices but still the individual ingredient had their own flavors which blended nicely together. Definitely give anyone of it a try it's delicious.

Cheese & Turkey

Cheese & Mushroom, Garlic

Our next crepe is Go Bananas, it is sweet. It had walnuts, bananas and honey, we added nuts and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I liked it but the walnut pieces were little big which didn't go very well. 

Go Bananas

Later we asked for Fruit Salad with Ice Cream. This bowl had all of my favorite fruits I was really happy even it was just a fruit bowl. I love eating fruits but I m choosy. It made a good combination with chocolate and ice cream. This is a healthy version of dessert. 

Fruit Salad with Ice cream

For drinks we chose Broken Heart because it had combination of my favorite fruits. It had banana, mango, pomegranate and strawberries with ice cream. Flavor was amazing and very yummy, I #HighlyRecommend it. 

Broken Heart

I'm a caffeine addict, our next drink was Superstar Coffee. It had medium coffee with ice cream yet strong. It was perfect and I loved it. 

Superstar Coffee

Lastly we had Ymi Ice Cream combination of in house vanilla and chocolate flavor. It was light and was creamy.

Ymi Ice Cream

Ratings: 7/10



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