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The H Hotel has been in talks recently because of the brand new Irani - Parsi restaurant Moombai & Co. I wanted to experience what is the hype all about, I was happy to be invited to such lively fun place. 

As soon as we entered, we were escorted to our table. This place completely reminds me about the Mumbai streets because of the movie posters on the walls. They also have antique board of Kingfisher and olden times televisions which had only Doordarshan. Most amazing thing is the Rickshaw which is still most popular in India. They play dholak to celebrate birthday's and make it more especial. They have different seating arrangements indoor as well as outdoor. The music played from yesteryear's will take you back to future. 

The staff is very friendly. Especially our server Mukesh, he gave us brief intro and guided us through the menu. That helped us to take decisions and choose from menu. They have a huge variety of alcohol drinks I hope they also increase the Non-Alcoholic drinks because there are only 5 drink without DAARU totally unfair.

What We Tried There:
  • Pao Bhaji
  • Tareli Kolmi
  • Murg Malai Tikka
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Hari Mirch Ka Jhinga
  • Chicken Berry Biryani
  • Sali Marghi
  • Patra Ni Machhi
  • Sheermal
  • Kachumber Raita with Pomegranate
  • Baked Gulab Jamun
  • Kulfi Falooda
  • Ananas Ka Rus
  • Masala Cola
  • Mango Lassi
While we were deciding, they served us with Aam ka Panna as a welcome drink, crispy Papad and chuttneys.
Aam Ka Panna - Welcom Drink

Pappad & Chuttney's

Starting with small appetite we decided to have famous Pao Bhaji which you can find on route Mumbai to Goa and vice versa as the street food which is easily available and also very tasty.
The quantity of Bhaji was very nice and the soft butter bread would just melt down.

Pao Bhaji

Our second small appetite was Tareli Kolmi which is ginger garlic marinated prawns and then fried.
Prawns were juicy and crispy. If you are prawns lover then this is a #MustTry.

Tareli Kolmi

Barbeque is something that Mumbai is famous for, our first choice was Murg Malai Tikka. It is perfect for people who doesn't like spicy but yet very delicious. The flavor of yogurt and other spices just tantalized the taste buds.

Murg Malai Tikka
Tandoori Chicken is our #AllTimeFavorite, the aroma of spices and burnt charcoal makes it yummy. I loved the chutney and salad served with it.

Tandoori Chicken

Our last barbeque had to be seafood, we chose Hari Mirch Ka Jhinga. It is marinated in green chilly mix with other spices but once it hits the charcoal oven the spiciness is reduced but still you get the hint of chillies.
Hari Mirch Ka Jhinga
All of the barbeques had amazing flavours, each one different from others. I #HighlyRecommend to try any one of it or all three.

For our main course we started with Sali Marghi. It is very simple homemade chicken curry garnished with crispy potato straws. I loved the combination of crispiness with spice curry, I #HighlyReccomend.
Sali Marghi
To accompany the curry rather then having our regular naan or paratha we opted for Sheermal. It have saffron in it which was interesting. It is very small and we thought it won't be enough. But trust me after having one I realized why they made it so small, it is too heavy.

Our second dish was Patra Ni Machhi, it is fish wrapped in a banana leaf with green chutney. It didn't have that spice and was too soft, but it was ok.

Patra Ni Machhi
My most awaited dish was Chicken Berry Biryani, my words won't do justice. It had long grain rice and lots of berries. It was my first experience to have such different biryani. If there is a one thing you need to try is then this. It is #MustTry #MustHave dish. It goes well with Kachumber Raita with Pomegranate.
Chicken Berry Biryani

Kachumber Raita with Pomegranate
For drinks we chose Ananas Ka Rus which is very refreshing and had mix of chaat masala. I liked the chatta patta flavor.
Ananas Ka Rus
Next drink was Masala Cola, our famous coca cola drink is mixed with their masala. It had completely different flavor.

Masala Cola
Lastly our personal favorite drink Mango Lassi, it was thick and very yummy.
Mango Lassi
We barely had any space in our stomach but I had to try their Baked Gulab Jamun. It is served in hot sizzling plate with small gulab jamun with lots of hot rabdi. Gulab Jamun was bit sweet but when mixed it nicely with rabdi it was balanced.
Baked Gulab Jamun
Last dessert was Kulfi Falooda, I loved the thickness and the quantity. It couldn't have been better then this.
Kulfi Falooda
The prices overall is bit high but for the service and quality of food it is totally worth it.

Ratings: 9/10



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