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I have been hearing about this restaurant almost everywhere, mostly for the quirky interiors and a delicious eggeterian food. I guess by now you have guessed about which restaurant I am talking about, it is Raju Omlet.

Raju Omlet is a egg-based casual dining which serves everything which includes egg. Be it Egg roll, scrambled eggs, egg curry etc. Interiors are very quirky designed and wooden finish to almost everything and old rustic furniture. It reminds me of olden times parsi restaurants in Mumbai. I liked the vibes of the whole restaurant. It was fully packed when we had arrived so we had to wait, this wait increased our expectation level.

What We Tried There:
  • Egg Lazeez
  • Eggs Kejriwal
  • Chicken Shashlik Sauce Sizzler
  • Fresh Orange Juice - Raju Style
We started with the fresh orange juice to get relaxed and energized, it had rock salt in it which gave it extra punch to the taste.
Fresh Orange Juice - Raju Style

Next we tried their Egg Lazeez it is their Chef's Signature dish. It is basic tomato curry with cheddar cheese it and boiled eggs. It didn't meet my expectation as I felt it was bland. The sweet and sour flavor of tomato curry was not there at all may be because of the cheese. For me it was a big NO. 
Egg Lazeez

Next we tried their Eggs Kejriwal, it looked very appealing. It had lot of cheese, mushrooms, chilli powder and obviously the egg on top of the soft bread (Pav). I had asked him to extra spice before hand only. It was a quick little snack which you can grab anytime of the day.
Eggs Kejriwal

Lastly we tried their Chicken Shashlik Sauce Sizzler, it had sauted veggies, mashed potato, egg burji rice topped with half fry egg, fried chicken and shashlik sauce topped on it. I didn't find any wow factor in this dish, for me it wasn't making impression. Taste and flavors was pretty basic.
Chicken Shashlik Sauce Sizzler

I didn't enjoy my experience much as it didn't nail it for me. Even though egg is the main ingredient and I am very eggy person for me it is very much comfort food but Raju Omlet didn't make any impression. They serve good quantity but I feel it is little bit pricey to the flavors which they serve.

Ratings: 4/10



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